1. Pain coming into the body 2. Pain stuck in the body 3. Pain leaving the body When you are experiencing a body work session, you may feel “pain,” but it’s best described as a sensation. Pain is a sensation accompanied by the motor intention to withdrawal (Thomas Meyer.) Depending on where a client is […]

I originally meet @fruitstotheroots in the Marvista Farmers Market. Her vibe, her intentions, and her connectivity to her clients drew me into her brand. We developed a relationship beyond client/vendor and established a soul connection. Last year we went through some ideas regarding a specialty tea blend for @somatichealings, and this year we turned that […]

I share a lot of information regarding self-care because I absolutely practice it myself. Today I received my cranial session from an amazing Bodyworker/Clairvoyant/Energy Worker by the name of Nami. She has been a pivotal role in my growth as a woman, practitioner, and spiritual being. I’ve known her for over 7 years and it […]

Healthy hair is created through love, consistency, patience, and proper techniques. @curlsoneonone taught me the importance of MASSAGING my curls so that they can become their optimal best, and thus far my hair is flourishing. I am grateful for the advice that @donateladevacurl and @ezzycolordevacurl has given me to help my curls become their best, […]

The beautiful part about working with my clients is that I am able to see their constant growth. Congrats @rachelplatten for being a #ArieReal Role Model and using your platform to inspire women to fall in love with their organic self. Keep shining my friend 🙏🏽

My Ayurvedic doctor shared with me that only 20% of the food you eat is processed through taste, 80% is processed through your other senses. So when I decided to treat myself to @suncafela I take in my whole experience while I’m there, sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. Connect to all 5 of your […]

Today at the Brentwood Farmers Market I came across a new booth @elegantalchemyherbals and met the beautiful creator Roxanne. As soon as our conversation ignited I knew she was unique and special. She shared her story with me and I shared mine with her, and this exchange lit a flame of authentic connection. Going to […]

I absolutely love being around professional in the field of health, wellness, and beauty. Today I worked the @livelovespa spa event and as always they hosted a beautiful gathering of professionals, where we can learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded professionals in the spa industry. I, of course, was representing and working for my […]

There are two types of sight physical and spiritual. When we’re able to open our eye 👁 we can see life in a whole new way. Let your imagination run while, know that all things are possible for you, but you have to see it before you can receive it. Ignite your imagination…. #somatichealings