When You #Work Towards Your #Goals You Wind Up Achieving Them

“If you want to get healthy or stay healthy, get a good manual therapist in your corner” – Mike Boyle

When you #work towards your #goals you wind up achieving them:
One of my long-term goals for the past several years was to #volunteer with firefighters. I believe one has to be a true #humanitarian to put their life and health on the line for a total stranger. Understanding how physical work can be very taxing on the #body, I wanted to provide #firefighters with a moment of wellness. Through my good #friend and fellow #nsu graduate @Nlighten.thafck.up I was able to turn my #dream into a reality. Volunteering with these gentlemen was some of the most #rewarding work I have ever done in my professional career. I started my #FireFighterFriday initiative in my hometown and will continue my #mission in the city of #losangeles.