There Are Three Types Of Pain

1. Pain coming into the body
2. Pain stuck in the body
3. Pain leaving the body
When you are experiencing a body work session, you may feel “pain,” but it’s best described as a sensation. Pain is a sensation accompanied by the motor intention to withdrawal (Thomas Meyer.) Depending on where a client is at that day emotionally, physically, or spiritually will determine how they associate a physical tissue manipulation session. Sense each body part contains an emotion, when that area is manipulated it can bring about discomfort because the client emotion can be stuck or leaving the body. Form does follow function, therefore once someone tissue is manipulated it can begin to bring about untapped emotions that can be lifted up and out of the body causing a “releasing.” Body work is more then someone massaging your muscles, it’s allowing an individual to reconnect back to their true self. #somatichealings –