Practice What You Preach

I share a lot of information regarding self-care because I absolutely practice it myself. Today I received my cranial session from an amazing Bodyworker/Clairvoyant/Energy Worker by the name of Nami. She has been a pivotal role in my growth as a woman, practitioner, and spiritual being. I’ve known her for over 7 years and it still blows my mind how she becomes more amazing with time. In my session, we began unraveling a new strand of energy that needs to unwind itself, and with time it will. It’s so important as practitioners to get physical, emotional, and spiritual therapy performed on us on regularly. We’re constantly exposed to stimuli, and it’s important for us to quite the noise and go in, to hear the truth. Castaway judgment for it does not serve you, and invite love into your heart today and always. I am a walking seed, and people are witnessing my blossoming, I’m growing by tapping into my knowledge, I encourage you to do the same 🙏🏾💓..