Authentic Relationships Go A Long Way

I originally meet @fruitstotheroots in the Marvista Farmers Market. Her vibe, her intentions, and her connectivity to her clients drew me into her brand. We developed a relationship beyond client/vendor and established a soul connection. Last year we went through some ideas regarding a specialty tea blend for @somatichealings, and this year we turned that vision into a reality. This tea was custom made with the intention of LIGHT 💡, LOVE ❤️, and FLOW 🌊infused along with other intentional healing properties. Being as though we are over 70% water what we consume can either fuel us or consume us. With every sip of tea my clients take, their mind, body, and spirit will be filled with nutrients for their soul. Thank you so much @fruitstotheroots for creating this signature blend for my brand and my guest of The Conscious Connection hands-on training May 20, 2018