“When people connect back to their authentic essence they can magnify their greater purpose.” We are all placed on this earth for a specific reason, and Tami Cook feels her mission is to help people reconnect with their original self through a holistic approach of touch therapy. Marrying the ancient wisdom of eastern philosophies with a modern western twist is what has clients all around the world seeking to experience this mesmerizing style of therapy.

Having a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology, being a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Makeup Artist, and over 8 years of experience as an educator; is what gives Tami the ability to effectively connect with all types individuals. Having personally struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation is what motivated Tami to attend The AVEDA Institute in Washington, D.C. where she delved deeper into the study of Ayurveda.

Desiring to elevate her practice she relocated to Los Angles from Baltimore to continue her growth as an expert in the Health and Beauty industry. While working in Beverly Hills for a facial plastic surgeon Tami gained great knowledge on how to transform the skin using a clinical approach, however, her drive to understand the human body on a deeper level inspired her to leave the medical world and become a Bodyworker.

At the Institute of Structural Balancing Tami studied numerous corrective modalities to aid in pain relief, deep relaxation, and energetic connection. Combining her knowledge of the skin, mind, and body to therapeutically address an individual needs is what makes Tami method so unique. In addition to her amiable personality, Tami ability to seamlessly integrate several modalities into one is what attracts the celebrities, athletes, professional dancers, estheticians, massage therapists, and simply any human being who desires growth and transformation to rest upon her table. Everyone deserves the right to feel and be their best, and with the proper tools that goal can easily be achieved. Continue to allow your light to shine!