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  • Choosing not to be fenced in:  I remember a catch phrase that use to be thrown around was “A jack of all trades and a master of none”, when in reality that’s far from the truth. When one is innovator thinker it’s in their nature to always think outside the box, revamp old ideas and make them new. In this time space and matter we are being called to expand beyond one way of doing things and perceiving that as “mastery” vs mastering the art of self. If indeed we are multidimensional beings maybe this is an opportunity to have a multidimensional way of thinking and being. -

#thinkoutsidethebox 🌱 -
#switchitup -
#beauthenticallyyou ✌🏾💚
  • Open up, release the grip:

This is the opportunity to release that in which no longer serves you, and embrace that which does. It’s time to release old paradigms, old thought forms, old fears, old “truths”, old belief systems. It’s time to release old habits, old energy, old routines. We are being asked to tap into our true expression, a new expression, our hearts essence and stand in a state of knowing. It’s time to be in True expression, it’s time to be in our Divine mission. Be the change you want to see, be the dream you wish to live, be unapologetically you. We need Truth more then ever, we need to extend our arms to our sides and pour out our hearts.  Pour out unconditional love, pour out compassion, pour out help to your fellow human! 
It’s time to rewrite a new script for our greatest and highest good; the time is NOW.... ✌🏾💚
  • This is more then my job, THIS is my passion, THIS is my art. ✨🌱 Touch is a major variable within the human experience; why, because it gives us permission to FEEL. 🎶 “Don’t it always seems to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone,” and for some of us that is the case. Do you now have a new appreciation for touch since you are unable to do so, do you value in person social interaction now that it has been temporarily removed from your reality? Do you love and miss your extended family and friends more since we are unable at this moment to connect in the flesh? This “infection” that is taking place around our world is allowing us to see if WE affect people in a positive light or do we infect people with toxic narratives and toxic thought forms. 🌱✨
This time is giving us the opportunity to feel again, though for some it maybe intense the power of feeling is needed in order for us to evolve. ✌🏾💚
  • The Somatic Alchemist:
_  The true journey of mastery is the journey within. One can seek outside of themselves for solutions and clarity, but until the eye of inner truth is awakened the distortions of ones perceived reality will continue to take shape. Turning lead into gold is an alchemical analogy often used when referring to alchemy. Though this is a true statement, theres layers to this mysticality. 
🌱🌊🔥🌬 One is more then just their physicality, and their multidimensional expression is based upon the ability or inability to activate the cosmic gates of unlimited potential that resides within. A genie is not needed to grant you “wishes” for what you intend will be in your command once you realign your energy with your inner G, and shift your entire reality. 
Did you forget that you are air, water, fire, and earth? Do you remember that your solar energy reflects your souls ability to emanate outwardly. Do you remember that you are the spectrum of light, that you are the stars and the cosmos, you are the earth, you are nature, you are one with the Great One of Creation. Once this innerstanding is felt, integrated, and received then the carbon body goes through metamorphosis and becomes the crystalline being. 
  • The rise of the serpent energy 🐍

The Awakening process!! This is a journey, a journey that stirs up the stored energy located at the base of your sacrum(muladhara chakara) which rises up the central nadi(called sushumna) to the top of your crown(corona). The rising of this energy along your 33 vertebrae reflects the rising of consciousness of the ‘lower self’ to  the ‘higher self’ and everything in between. 
See the true mastery is the mastery of self, the becoming the I AM, the knowing of your inner G, the embracing of your cosmic energy. Taping into your multidimensionality realizing and realigning with more than what you see 👀. Some people have know about these hidden ‘mysteries’  some people are currently discovering these new realities. This knowledge has been hidden from most for a very long time, now our memories are back, activated and ready to be present in the NOW. 
I myself didn’t reveal some of my gnosis to my friends, family, and clients, for I was concerned about being improperly judged, and dismissed, for my inner knowing didn’t match some of their current narratives.  Now everyone is being pushed to wake up and see 👁 life differently, what some thought was ‘truths’ has turned into fallacies. See this is a huge experience we are all witnessing the unseen realm is shaping our new reality. Until we raise our consciousness we may not have clear vision(2020) of the true beauty that this ‘newness’ will be, but if you operate out of Divine Love and Divine Light, the mystery will no longer be.

Cheers to Wellness,

Tami Cook
  • Today we HONOR MOTHER!!! Her voice is loud, her voice is clear
My beautiful children, I am here!
I have not forgotten you, and I know you haven’t forgotten me;
We lived in disharmony, and now WE have choosen to LIVE in peace.
I have been asleep for far to long, I have fallen unconscious to it all.
I NOW AWAKEN to my AUTHENTIC Truth, I am ME and I allow you to be you.
We coexist in a whole new way, we restored balance and harmony, we paved a NEW way. 
We release the fear, we let go of the doubt, we now become rooted in truth we know we will never go without.
My dear children 👶🏿👶🏼👶🏾👶🏻👶👶🏽 have you forgotten who you are, let remind you of your true essence, let me remind you of the power of LOVE. 
Through this energy we magnify Divine Truth,
You are me, and I am you!! So we rise to the occasion, we rebirth a new, a new connection to each other a new connection with Truth!! Today we REMEMBER who we truly are, we are an emanation of Source conscious, we are children of the Stars!!! -Mother Speaks  By Tami Cook -
#SomaticHealings #happyearthday