Body Work Treatments

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The Fifth Dimension:

This style of therapeutic integration units the mind, body, and spirit; allowing an individual to tap into their inner truth. Merging physical, mental, and energy therapies, allow a client to shift out of their holding patterns of the past, to become more conscious of their now, and flow forward into an intentional base future.

Sacred Lomi Lomi:

Rooted in “Temple Style” Lomi Lomi at its foundation has the intention of wakening the divine in every cell and the spaces between cells. The massage techniques and Pule (prayers) of Scared Lomi are designed to release anything that is no longer in alignment with the clients highest truth; to dislodge cellular memories and replace the body’s detrimental vibrations with pure light, love, and aloha. In an unconditional loving environment with flowing, nurturing movements, the body and soul are supposed to release, transform, and allow the infusion of Divine Energy.

Deeper Connection:

Integrates deep tissue, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, cupping therapy, myofascial release, techniques, attachment work and circulatory flow to calm the central nervous system allowing deep tissue manipulation to take place without causing trauma to a persons system. This anatomically specific touch technique can help relieve client’s chronic pain along with enhancing the quality of everyday movement.

The Somatic Experience:

Focuses on three styles of touch techniques varying in pressure and tempo to increase an individual's awareness of their whole self. Contralateral movements, slow deep intentional touch, and neuromuscular therapy is blended together to create deep relaxation and restoration of the mind/body.

Skin Health

The Enlightened One:

Nano Technology, plant-based acids, enzymes, tyrosinase inhibitors, and anti-inflammatory agents are blended together to visibly enhance the vibrancy of one's canvas. A series of 6 treatments is recommended to receive optimal results.

Timeless Beauty:

This Anti-aging treatment uses stem cells, peptides, hyaluronic acid, nano technology, massage techniques, and Kansa therapy to lift, tighten, and refine skin.

The Renewing Experience:

This acne treatment addresses hormonal and bacterial breakouts by using botanical extracts to calm, purify, and reduce the visible sign of hormonal aging using the power of super-charged greens for clearer looking skin.